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Stock Alloys For Extrusions, Rods and Forgings


    GB                    ISO                   EN               UNS               JIS

Hpb59-1        CuZn38Pb2          CW612N          C37700          C3771

Hpb58-3        CuZn39Pb3          CW614N          C38500          C3603

                                               CW617N          C38000          C3771

                    CuZn36Pb2As       CW602N 



Tolerance For Hot Extrusions


GAMBO Metals tolerance are consistent with GB, EN, ASTM and JIS Standards.

Dimension in MM                  Tolerance for C380 Series Alloys

     Up to 3                                               +/- 0.30mm

     3 ---12.70                                           +/- 0.50mm

     12.71 --- 25.40                                   +/- 0.60mm

     25.41 --- 50.80                                   +/- 0.80mm

     50.81 --- 76.20                                   +/- 0.90mm

     76.21 --- 101.60                                  +/- 1.00mm

     101.61 --- 127.00                                +/- 1.30mm

     Over 127.00.                                       +/- 1% of dimensions


Open Space Dimensions:

Some open space dimensions require a larger tolerance


Straightness :

3.2mm per 1800mm section for product greater than 19.05mm circumscribing circle. 6.35mm per 1,800mm section for product less than 19.05mm circumscribing circle.


Twist : +/-1 degree per foot


Angularity : +/- 1 degree


Cut End Tolerance : +6.5mm-0mm length; +/-1 degree(from square).


Standard Lengths: From 0.5 meters to 6 meters


Surface Finish: 

1.Factory finish .

Surface Finish we supply all original extrusions in “factory finish” condition created by the extrusion and straightening processes. It is customary for the surface to have oxides, traces of graphite and superficial stains, scratches, handing marks, die lines and a thin layer of lubricant.

2.Sanding finish can be option.

Sanding polish can remove surface defects and reduce the time of secindary surface treatment.



1. For extrusions we do not produce hollow shapes.

2. The extrusions in brass are designed to be extruded and straightened only, If it's complex profiles or thin wall, we can not do cold-drawing, the finished tolerance can not be refined to typical machining tolerance. If it's brass bar or tube cold-drawing will be done, so that the tolerance will be more better.