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Gambo Metals, is one of the largest manufacturers of brass extrusions and precise copper alloy tubes in China. In addition the range of services of Gambo Metals reaches other copper and copper alloy products. This enables us to provide a vast range of solutions and exemplary engineering to our clients from various industrial divisions. Not only in universal items, but also in custom-made items. Our specialties include in-house die and tooling,  melt-casting, extruding, forging,cold-drawing and secondary processing like heat treatment, fix the shape and straitness, cut-to-length, drilling, tapping and linishing. Surface treatment services like chemical coloring, electroplating, PVD also available. The sales headquarter of Gambo Metals is in Ningbo China, which is manage by Gambo Industry. With our focus on superior customer service, premium quality, reasonable pricing and expedited turnaround, we are sure Gambo Metals will be one of  the best source for the customers from all over the world

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